Accelerating Sales for Leading Enterprise Class Companies

Sales productivity improvements for big-ticket B2B complex sales have eluded most large companies in spite of CRM and Marketing Automation spending of approximately $30 billion annually. That's where we come in.

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Our Cloud Services Platform improves both the selling and buying experience,
makes selling easier, and helps deals close faster.

We work with global companies to overcome challenges like:

Flat or Decaying Sales Productivity

Net new account acquisition is particularly hard hit. Many leading companies are struggling for the first time with flat sales and slow quarter to quarter growth.

Low Closing Rates

Enterprise sales teams selling complex products/services typically see 20% close rates for new accounts.


70% of buyers have already made up their minds prior to talking with a sales representative.

No Decisions

60% of pipeline activity yields no decision, due to extensive pre-contact research. Customers are overwhelmed and misinformed on appropriate solutions.

High Turnover

On average, companies experience a 30% annual turnover rate for inside sales reps. Some are as high as 120%.


Turnover plus growth mean 50% of inside sales have been onboard less than 6 months.


Companies are not matching marketing assets with a prospect’s issue.

Growth Engine

Sales teams in enterprise class companies generate 70% plus of their leads.

No Platform

Sales teams do not have strong platforms for generating their own leads.

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